Calcagno Media is a dynamic video production firm that partners with clients to craft compelling video vignettes that make an impact and garner real results.


Boost sales, customer engagement, brand loyalty and company culture with creative video marketing vignettes and multimedia storytelling. We work across sectors, from manufacturing to medical, retail to realty, international trade to trade associations, agriculture to automotive and beyond.


Gain a crucial tool for development, special event appeals, grant reporting, and community engagement with captivating video spotlight vignettes and multimedia storytelling. We work with schools, shelters, social benefit entrepreneurs, food pantries, faith groups and beyond.


Build public awareness, grassroots support and community goodwill while educating, mobilizing and influencing your target audience. We work with public agencies,  municipalities, policy advocates, civic  organizations,  candidates, campaign consultants, lobbyists and beyond.


Enhance your marketing plan. Engage a whole new audience.


Video content drives consumer behavior in ways that outpace almost all other marketing approaches. The single most powerful aspect of a website is embedded video. The multisensory video marketing vignettes Calcagno Media produces present the ability to capture and hold the attention of your audience, build trust, confidence and value in your brand while educating and influencing buying decisions. 


Business Spotlight Video

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Product Demo & How-To

Industry & Corporations

Live Events & Presentations

PR Firms & Creative Agencies

Internal Training & Improvement

Trade Associations


Drive development. Show and tell in a new dimension.


The power of a story can move your loyal supporters like never before. Captivating visuals, evocative storytelling, and strategic messaging work together to shine a light on your organization's impactful work. Integrating a video strategy into your marketing, outreach and development plans is a sure-fire way to lift your nonprofit to new heights while seeing an outstanding return on your investment.


Live Event Video Appeal

Human Services

Community Education

Charter Schools

Stakeholder  Engagement

Public Benefit

Strategic Development

Faith Groups

Grant  Opportunities

Arts & Culture




Direct the discussion. Control the conversation. Win.


Civic engagement initiatives need transformational strategies to expertly target and catalyze your base. Video messaging not only engages and educates the public, but also inspires action and triggers the social sharing multiplier effect. Most website visitors choose watching a short video over reading blocks of text — seize upon this evident and growing trend to capture more eyes, build your base, affect influence on policy goals and shape public perception.


Candidate Campaign Videos

Lobbying & Advocacy

Ballot Measures & Initiatives

Message  Development


Grassroot Coalition Building

Municipal & Agency Outreach

Levy & Bond Campaigns

PIO Media Training

Public Policy Education

Public Speaker Coaching